Retail Pharmacy

Daily Delivery

Receive a complimentary monthly medication delivery service for your routine prescriptions. Our specialized team will coordinate all your medications to be dispensed on a consistent monthly schedule, simplifying your routine and eliminating concerns about timely refills.


For any additional home deliveries requested within the same month, apart from your routine medication delivery, a delivery fee may apply. Kindly consult with our pharmacy team for further information.
Choice Pharmacy Florida

Choice Packs

Choice Pharmacy’s full-service medication management option with Choice Pack organizes and delivers medications at no additional costs. Our team will coordinate with doctors, insurance companies and your previous pharmacy to transfer all prescriptions and keep your refills up to date.

Medication Therapy Management

At our pharmacy, our highly skilled pharmacists and technicians work closely with your healthcare providers to meticulously coordinate and organize your medications. We employ state-of-the-art strip packaging technology, known as the Choice Pack, to arrange your medications systematically by date and time. Rest assured, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that you and your loved ones consistently receive the accurate dosage at the
appropriate time.

Medication Synchronization

Let our pharmacy team synchronize all your medications to ensure they are filled on the same day every month. This service provides you and your family with peace of mind, eliminating the need to track multiple medication pickup dates. Allow us to alleviate unnecessary concerns when it comes to your medication schedule.